Heritage Birth Services

Heritage Birth Services is made up of an amazing group of doulas in and around Edmonton who dedicate their lives to making the transition from pregnancy to newborn as smooth as possible. They are so dialed into what they do, and their dedication just blew me away. I sat down with co-founders Kaitlyn Breederland and Cristina Wilson and heard their story of how a chance meeting brought them together and how Heritage Birth came to be.

This one hit all the feels for me. I got to spend quite a bit of time with a lot of teeny, tiny babies and their mamas, and I even got to hold a few little ones! It brought back so many memories for me about when my own kids were that small, and it made me appreciate the special role these doulas play in helping these mamas bring their babies into the world.

When I was pregnant with my own kids, I had thought about the possibility of having a doula help with their births. I had no idea that there are post-partum doulas who will come into your home and take care of you once baby arrives. Both my pregnancies were super rough both before and after my kids arrived, and had I known that there were post-partum doulas, I would have jumped at the chance for that extra support!

For more info, feel free to check them out @ www.heritagebirth.ca.