Tia + Jesse

I met Tia and Jesse just a few months before they got married. In Tia, I found a kindred spirit, both as a mom and as a friend. Right after they confirmed me as their videographer, I got a request from Tia to do their slideshow, as well, and I was delighted to do it!

This was actually the first time I had had a request to do a wedding slideshow, and I have to say that I enjoyed it ALMOST as much as actually filming their wedding. I not only got to hear their love story during our first meeting, but I was able to see it happening as I went through all the photos they sent me, including where they came from before they first met. I did learn, however, how many photos is too many photos, and that was my bad. I asked Tia to send me her favourites, and she did… almost 200 of them! And now that I know how long it takes to go through 200 photos, I can confidently give a smaller number in the future.

The best thing for me was seeing these two with their kids on wedding day. Not many people get to share this special day with their children, and it seemed almost doubly special that their two kiddos got to see their mom and dad get married. Nothing beats seeing your parents so happy, and even though there were a couple bored expressions during formal photos, those kids just lit up the dance floor later on that night!

Thank you, Tia and Jesse, for asking me to be a part of such an amazing moment in your lives. <3

Christina Fredin